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About STEP

STEP provides support to local businesses, and offers solutions for businesses to get started, grow and be a success. We are a non-profit distributing private limited company, with all profits re-invested into business support activities.

We have a unique approach as we have access to a wide range of quality advice, and expertise delivered by passionate professionals who are determined to help businesses thrive. Our products and services have been developed to meet your business needs. Ultimately we want to help you grow your business!

Our Service

Our products are developed to meet the needs of businesses and provide support to enable and activate their growth ambitions. The team in conjunction with partners and stakeholders is driven to create an economy with enterprise at its heart.

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Our Aim

Leading by example, STEP will inspire entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, provide practical support and assistance to businesses from start up through to high growth, delivered by experienced advisors, with specific sector expertise.

From advisor to admin, trainers to reception staff, the organisation is driven by its people and their passion to make Stirling a successful, thriving, growing economy, through the delivery of a unique business support service.

Business Services

As a business support agency we play a significant role in the economic development of the local area with resources utilised across a number of areas to support businesses, such as:

Enterprise – delivery of Business Gateway services, IT assistance through ERDF programme, delivery of New Enterprise Allowance Scheme and Rural Business Support etc

Training & ICT Support – delivery of business related training including Finance, IT and Sales & Marketing skills and a variety of products delivering ICT support to clients such as SEO, Social Media Strategy and Management, Web Audits etc

– Provision of office and workspace rental accommodation at three locations across Stirling.   Venue Hire, meeting and training room provision at all sites.

Established in 1984, STEP has a long-standing track record and strong reputation for delivering business support and high quality training to the business community.

Our key services and skills

  • Looking for business advice?
  • Training workshops
  • Events
  • Venue hire
  • Business premises

Case Study

Quality Multi-Purpose Business Premises

Looking after your People and your Business

Experience State-of-the-Art Production Technology

Stirling City Centre Business Venue


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